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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fizickz-BETA is released !

Hi ! We had released the Fizickz-BETA . This Beta was made in order to players can try the game-play of Fizickz . This Beta contain 3 maps : fzk_kirox , fzk_xorik and fzk_kigravit , but the last one is not fully completed . This is just a game-play test , this Beta isn't for a large number of player , we'll host a 10 slot server today in order for you'll be able to play Fizickz . When you will test this Beta , please be aware of the bugs and others problems that you can inform us . Now you can download the Beta by this link :

Enjoy this , thanks for playing and if you find a bug or a problem inform us :

or .

Installation note :

To run Fizickz-BETA you need to download , install and run once the Source SDK Base in your Steam\Tools . To play Fizickz you need to restart Steam and if you done weel the game will

appear in you game list !

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