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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fizickz-BETA test report

This Beta has been useful for the Fizickz-DEV-Team . It shows that some maps were not well-optimized when lot of player join the server . Sometime we had observed high-latency and other time crashes . Now i'll make a bugs-list in order to show you which bugs were found :

fzk_kirox : The players appreciated this map , but when lot of layer join the server and blow lot of "Fizickz" away , we can observe high-latency . I hosted the server , so the conexion was not the better for host . For a serveur provider , this map will not make any problem , but we'll fix the high-latency possibility as well for the people , like me , who plans to host a server on this game .

fzk_xorik : On this one , we don't found any bugs . High FPS and low-latency approved !

fzk_kigravit : This is THE big problem of this Beta . The most important bugs are in this maps . Sometimes we repawn with HL²DM weapons and the music doesn't  start . And when we throw lot of Fizickz in the space , we are low-FPS , high-latency and occasionally game crashes ! 

As a consequence , we have lot of work to do (bug fixes POWER !!!) . For the biggest part of these bugs we have already foud a solution . So don't worry about that , Fizickz will be free of big bugs when the Chapter I will be released !

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  1. on attend toujours la vrai version -_-.
    We always w8 for the real version <.<.


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