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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Finally , I have finished this one . fzk_kigravit's developpment is completed . Now this map contain high-definition shadows and npc_vortigaunt respawning each 5 minutes played (aliens who kill everyone in theirs sight) . There are two special weapons in this map : the combiane energy ball (like fzk_kirox) and a new one , the kub'kitu , this is a special cube that kill anyone who try to touch it .In this space-themed-map you can use booster to jump higher and drop block on the space , when you drop a "fizickz-block" in the space , this one is teleported at the top of the map and fall down . We've fixed some bug that cause game-crashes and optimization problems . Now the map is completed , see what it looks-like (click to zoom) :

And the official music-theme of the map I have composed is also available for download :

And by the way , sorry for waiting , every member of the fizickz-team were learning some other developpment faculties in order to provide you a better content for Fizickz .