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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dah Fizickz-Gun !

WARNING ! This news contain an instable prototype ! Here !  This is the Fizickz-Gun ! Cbast has made a schema of this weapon . Show for yourselft :

Finaly we got a visual idea of the Fizickz-Gun , that's why kenny made a 3d-Model of this weapon :

The textures were made by Cbast . We think is more outstanding than the Gravity-Gun from Half-Life² . Now  Kenny got to finish the model with the animation in order to be abble to add this model to the game . I'll write an other news when the weapon will be completed . CYA , and if you find a Fizickz-Gun on dah street , please return us the weapon !

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Phenix comming in our galaxy

Hey  ! Sorry for awaiting . This an update of the space ship-themed map from Cbast ( . Now this space-craft have name : call it "The Phenix" . He made a wall-paper of his space-ship (click to zoom) :


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fizickz-BETA test report

This Beta has been useful for the Fizickz-DEV-Team . It shows that some maps were not well-optimized when lot of player join the server . Sometime we had observed high-latency and other time crashes . Now i'll make a bugs-list in order to show you which bugs were found :

fzk_kirox : The players appreciated this map , but when lot of layer join the server and blow lot of "Fizickz" away , we can observe high-latency . I hosted the server , so the conexion was not the better for host . For a serveur provider , this map will not make any problem , but we'll fix the high-latency possibility as well for the people , like me , who plans to host a server on this game .

fzk_xorik : On this one , we don't found any bugs . High FPS and low-latency approved !

fzk_kigravit : This is THE big problem of this Beta . The most important bugs are in this maps . Sometimes we repawn with HL²DM weapons and the music doesn't  start . And when we throw lot of Fizickz in the space , we are low-FPS , high-latency and occasionally game crashes ! 

As a consequence , we have lot of work to do (bug fixes POWER !!!) . For the biggest part of these bugs we have already foud a solution . So don't worry about that , Fizickz will be free of big bugs when the Chapter I will be released !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fizickz-BETA is released !

Hi ! We had released the Fizickz-BETA . This Beta was made in order to players can try the game-play of Fizickz . This Beta contain 3 maps : fzk_kirox , fzk_xorik and fzk_kigravit , but the last one is not fully completed . This is just a game-play test , this Beta isn't for a large number of player , we'll host a 10 slot server today in order for you'll be able to play Fizickz . When you will test this Beta , please be aware of the bugs and others problems that you can inform us . Now you can download the Beta by this link :

Enjoy this , thanks for playing and if you find a bug or a problem inform us :

or .

Installation note :

To run Fizickz-BETA you need to download , install and run once the Source SDK Base in your Steam\Tools . To play Fizickz you need to restart Steam and if you done weel the game will

appear in you game list !

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doctor Dogerstein and fzk_xorik

Hey ! This is halloween , and i write this news because i've resurrect fzk_xorik ! SHE IS ALIVE ! My map is A.L.I.V.E ! We had found the origins of bug , and we fixed it :D ! And now xorik is operational . For this occasion Cbast made a new design for the blog and a little castle for me :P , watch this (click to zoom) and look the new reflections too :

Happy Halloween and by the way don't get eat by a Fizickz-Zombie-Block !

Monday, October 26, 2009

fzk_xorik = Dead !

I write this news just to say that we had found some bug that we can't fix in fzk_xorik . So stoped the development of this maps . Rest.In.Peace fzk_xorik :'( . It seems that the Source Engine doesn't like reversed gravity with too much Fizickz-Blocks :') ! So cya for the next News ...


Friday, October 23, 2009


What the hell is this map ? That's purely simple , you see it's fzk_kirox , but played in an other point o view :') . This is the second Fizickz completed map , you will walk on the ceilling and the Fizicz-Block will join the floor (but here's it's the ceilling in fzk_xorik) . In this maps the gravity is reversed for all physic objects , let's see (click to zoom) :

For more information about fzk_kirox and the theme of this maps click here :

Enjoy !

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Player Scale VS Fizickz : FIGHT !

Have you seen the screenshots of the space-ship of Cbast !? Of course yes (you have no choice) . But you don't have any ideas of the player's scale in this maps . Cbast wants to make a space-ship with huge area (indeed i'd find somthing bigger than me :'(). See for yourself (click to zoom) :


Hum , and by the way , we are currently searching for beta-testers . If you want to test Fizickz before it release and make it better send an e-mail there :


Enjoy !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Space-ship design updated

Cbast has update his space ship . He added a very inovating designed reactor behind the storage part of the space-ship . And he has also modify the indoor part of his storage . Well this map seems to be on the ways a great game-play , but actually we can just focus on the screenshots (click to zoom) :

Cya for a next development news !

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fizcizk Chapter I : Kirox official wallpaper

Hi guy ! Here's the official wallpaper of the first incoming release of Fizick : Fizickz Chapter I : Kirox . This wallpaper was made by Cbast and it will be used for back-ground screen in-game . You can use it now (click to zoom or right click/save as to use the wallpaper) :

Enjoy that !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

[W.I.P] ??? by Cbast

This a space ship-themed map currently developed by Cbast . This map will be composed by two big storage-areas linked to the space-ship . Actually there are just one storage-area upon a laser-cannon . Now let's look the screenshots (click to zoom) :

This map will surely be the biggest one in Fizickz , that will be a real challenge to make it optimized !

Sunday, October 11, 2009

[W.I.P] : fzk_kigravit²

I've tried to add some effect to fzk_kigravit . I've placed HD-Reflection and compiled the maps with light-map-scale 2 for good shades . I think I will put those shadow and reflections in the final-version of the map , check the screenshots (click to zoom) :

Caution !!! Next screenshots will contain Fizickz-Blocks !

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fizickz Kilol #1

This is the second movie from Fizickz made by Cbast . This one make an overview of 3 [W.I.P]-Maps : fzk_kigravit , fzk_skydhomme and fzk_spays-chip . Be careful , this video will rape your head !!!

We'll make an other video when the maps will be completed !

Enjoy !

Saturday, October 3, 2009

[W.I.P] : fzk_kigravit

fzk_kigravit is a space-themed map that place you on an obrital arena . I'm currently developping this maps , actually , I've just finished the main design context . For now , there is no Physics yet , but i'll soon add some breakable content :D ! Now , let me show you the map design (screenshots by Cbast - click to zoom) :




Enjoy , but don't fall in a Dark Hole !

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cbast DEV-Time

Cbast is currently working on two mapping-project in the same time . This is two new abstract map with original design ! fzk_spays-chip and fzk_skydhomme are names of those creations . Now let's take a look on screenshots (click to zoom) :

Some other DEV-News will follow !

Monday, September 7, 2009


This is the first official map of the MOD ! This abstract map looks very simple in appearance , but when the game starts it become a real battlefield . More of 20 building composed by more than 400 physic blocks . Each player's actions can change radically the map and the game-play of it . See for yourself (screenshot are basicly for french websites and forum : Avant means before and Apres means After) :


 And you can download the official music-theme of this map :

Enjoy !

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What is Fizickz ?

Fizickz is a Half-Life² Death-Match modification based on a full adaptation to a physic environment . This MOD is currently developed by the Developing Trust Team ( a level designer team based on CS:S : Dogers : Project-leader , level-designer and compositor ; Cbast : Level-designer , textures-maker and movie-maker ; Kenny : level-designer and modeler . We plan to make an accessible game for low-quality computers and innovating and fun game-plays . In order to improve your game-experience , each maps of this MOD will be based on a physic environment , for instance , players can destroy thier environment and use it to break down thier enemies ! Each round will be unique ! Cbast made a Trailer in order for you enjoy the first game-plays possibility and innovations :

We'll work hardly to makes the MOD downloadable as soon as possible !